Mana Magnificent For Labour’s Barbara Edmonds

Labour’s Barbara Edmonds has romped home in Mana, with a 13,243 lead over her National rival Jo Hayes.

Ms Edmonds won 21,946 in the preliminary count. Jo Hayes got 8,703 votes.

In the Party vote for the electorate, Labour won 57.5% of the votes, National 19.2%.

The well-known Kapiti candidate for the Greens, Jan Logie, won 3,243.

Pasifika wins for two local electorates

Barbara Edmonds comes from a Samoan/NZ background, as does the Ōtaki winner Terissa Ngobi. She works as specialist tax lawyer.

In an earlier speech, the mother of eight and Mana local addressed her father, saying, “This is why you came to New Zealand — to give me a better life and now is the time to repay that.”

Samoan Kiwis now celebrating in two local electorates

KIN points out the Labour victories in Mana and Ōtaki show how second-generation women from Samoan families are now making an increasing impact in Aotearoa politics.

The former Mana MP, Winnie Labour, came from a prominent Samoan/NZ background,. and her successor Kris Faafoi came from a family who emigrated to NZ from the Tokelau Islands.

The Electoral Commission says the final (official) results should be known by Friday, Novembert 6.

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