Man Bites Dog

Alan Tristram reports on the oldest advice to journalists:  ‘Dog bites man,’ — no story. ‘Man bites dog’ — you’ve got a world beater.

So the New Plymouth story headed “Man in court after biting Police dog” immediately caught my attention.

Local Police investigated the incident in which a man bit a Police dog.

A 33-year-old man later appeared in New Plymouth District Court  on a number of driving, dishonesty and violence charges.

Vehicle hits parked cars and nearby structures

Earlier this week, the man allegedly crashed his vehicle into several parked cars and other structures in the suburb of Bell Block.

When that vehicle became inoperable, he broke into a residential property and demanded the occupant’s car keys.

He took the vehicle and again drove recklessly, crashing into parked cars.

After abandoning the second vehicle, Police believe the man has approached the occupants of two addresses on Parklands Avenue and demanded keys to their vehicles.

Detective Sergeant Gerard Bouterey says the man was located by Police a short time later but he fled the scene.

A Police dog was used to track him down.

But the man fought with the dog, slamming it into the ground and a concrete wall, and biting its head.”

“The dog is recovering well, he’s now at home with his handler and is not expected to suffer any long-term side effects.”

The man was also injured and taken to hospital.


Love it Alan. Is it the pinnacle of a journalist’s career when a man bites dog story comes up? If so, I’m still waiting Be good to catch up soon. Back in Kapiti in a couple of weeks

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