‘Mad Monk’Takes Canberra

220px-Tony_Abbott_-_2010Those Aussies are a funny lot — a personal view of the poll

By John Tristram in Sydney

The ‘Mad Monk’ is our new Aussie PM.  He ran a very tightly controlled campaign and was only allowed out to speak publicly very occasionally.  

The only blips occurred when he announced a young female candidate was ‘sexy’ which enraged the feminists no end.  Then he told an audience he was not the, ‘… suppository of knowledge...‘  But Abbot’s election was the ‘Day of Days’ for  NZ’s Wainuiomata as his wife hails from there….

The former PM has departed (with much odium) after a concession speech which he managed to twist into a triumphal diatribe.

Meanwhile, the Australian Parliament, happily,  is not totally dominated by the Liberals. Clive Palmer, an erstwhile, obese billionare who started the Palmer United Party (PUP), party 8 weeks ago has won 2 seats in the senate.  Coincidentally, he is suing Rupert Murdoch and declared Rupert’s ex,Wendy Deng, is a Chinese spy. Watch this space.

Even more bizarrely, the United Motoring Party gained 2 Senate seats (I don’t know what they stand for except  more and more cars),  Family First (Far Religious Right got 2 Senate seats),  and the Australian Sports  Party (suppose they stand for more rugger and less politics) got 2 senate seats. But sadly the Australian Sex Party just missed out.  

PUP can now more or less sway  the balance of power because it also has one seat in the House of Representatives. 

It could be interesting with so many fruitcakes — and it will certainly be a nightmare to get them all to agree on any contentious legislation!