Lyndy McIntyre

A Step Back Into The Dark Ages

By Lyndy McIntyre
15th December 2009

“The Government has taken a step back into the dark ages with their announcement today of the Wellington regional Road of National Significance,” said Kapiti Coast District Councillor Lyndy McIntyre today.

“Huge motorways are not the way of the future, they are the way of the past and the Kapiti Sandhills Expressway is the worst possible example of backward thinking,” she said.

“The expressway will cleave the Kapiti district in two and has no benefits whatsoever for the local community. It is all about saving a few minutes in long haul travel and accommodating the big players in the trucking industry.”

Lyndy McIntyre said the consultation process had been a bad joke and the community was duped into thinking that the Sandhills Expressway would be local road where people could tiki tour around, jumping off an on and travelling at reasonable speeds.

“It has always been the Government’s intention that there will only be three entrances and exits between Raumati and Peka Peka and NZTA’s platitudes about local connectivity have not been backed up with one piece of information as to how locals could benefits from this monstrous swathe of asphalt ripping our district apart.”

Lyndy McIntyre said it was very evident during the farcical consultation process that government was not prepared to address widespread community misunderstanding about this option and it was perfectly clear now that Government did not care about communities.

“Today the Kapiti community has been scarified to the needs of the Auckland mega trucks,” she said.

“Any suggestion that this will save our community money is completely wrong. All New Zealand taxpayers will pay through the nose for a white elephant roading project that will escalate in cost from day one, both in terms of dollars and negative impact on the environment.”

Lyndy McIntyre said NZTA has costed the project on the basis of oil prices remaining constant.

“That fact alone is enough to demonstrate the woolly thinking behind the whole RON concept,” she said.