Local Author Warns Of Muller Mayhem

Well-known local author Karen Peterson Butterworth says National’s new leader Todd Muller presents well ( mostly — Ed), yet ignores the mammoth in Aotearoa/New Zealand’s economy. 

Nikki Kaye and her Leader Todd Muller

She says: ‘When the Government set up the select committee to monitor its pandemic response it trustingly gave its main political rival the chair. 

Simon Bridges took advantage of this to politicise the crisis in full attack-dog mode. 

Now Muller, and Winston Peters, have brought politics roaring into the room. To date our business community and the public have co-operated well to defeat the pandemic.

 Muller’s vision ‘encourages impatience’ 

Muller and Peters vision, however, encourages public and business impatience with Phase 2 restrictions and threatens to upset our near-unanimous compliance.

His suggested easements of COVID Phase 2 expose us to far greater economic damage than has so far been done. 

Epidemiology experts agree Covid-19 has a very long tail. Too much easement of our efforts at this stage could damage the economy so badly as to make Post-Covid-19 visions of either major party irrelevant.

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