Little Yellow Bird: Doing Good

Award-winning Kiwi Company Little Yellow Bird makes its biggest impact yet. Alleviating poverty and providing fair trade labour one garment at a time.

Alleviating poverty sand helping the environment

By Jessica Rowe

New Zealand ethical clothing company Little Yellow Bird is alleviating poverty and saving the environment one garment at a time, providing 20 thousand hours of fair trade labour and saving 12,200,000 litres of water in the past year.

Little Yellow Bird  has made its biggest impact yet, as highlighted in the latest impact report 2017-2018. It provides a model for how New Zealand businesses can change industry practice for the better.

The clothing brand, which sources cotton from India and makes uniforms and workwear products from organic fabrics, has an ethical supply chain from cotton seed through to manufacturing.

Little Yellow Bird founder and CEO Samantha Jones says: “We carefully monitor our supply chain from cotton farm to factory floor, regularly visiting every stage of the supply chain.”

Many workers are still not provided with a living wage or access to safe working conditions in most garment manufacturing. Little Yellow bird is dedicated to changing this.

Jones says: “What if you could equip someone to not just survive, but flourish?”

Conventionally grown cotton uses an extraordinary amount of water, and the dyeing process can be damaging to the environment.

In the last twelve months

In the past year, the company has:

  • Provided 20,000 hours of fair trade labour
  • Educated up to 10 thousand people about sustainable and ethical fashion
  • Saved over 12 million litres of water
  • Eliminated the use of over 12,000 Kilograms of toxic chemicals
  • And at the same time experienced 800 % growth in website sales

Ethics and sustainability

Little Yellow Bird founder Samantha Jones

This report shows how Little Yellow Bird is not only saving millions of litres of water, but also eliminating the use of 12,200 Kgs of toxic chemicals.

The clothing brand has also educated up to 10 thousand people about sustainable and ethical fashion through various talks and presentations at schools and organisations throughout New Zealand.

The company is committed to creating a healthy bottom line and proving that good ethics doesn’t have to come at the expense of profit. The company has experienced an incredible 800% growth in website sales in the past year.

Little Yellow Bird is a certified B-corp, meaning the business went through a rigorous assessment process which determined their impact and dedication to social and environmental issues.

The company has received numerous awards, and Jones recognised as New Zealand’s Young Innovator at the 2017 New Zealand Innovation Awards.

(If you would like more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Little Yellow Bird founder and CEO Samantha Jones on +64 (0) 22 097 1745 or Jessica at Silver Minutes Communications +61 (0) 452 304 848)




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