Little Known Facts About Well-Known People

Jacinda Ardern is still the same ‘clumsy, opinionated girl’ who once crashed her dad’s tractor into a nashi pear tree on the family orchard in Morrinsville.

That’s according to Wikipedia’s account of the NZ PM’s early life.
“I hit the clutch instead of the brake,” she explains. “But it was fine, Dad ( a police officer) managed to jump on before I hit the second tree.”
The ‘complete tomboy’
Jacinda also says she was a complete tomboy growing up, preferring to help her father dock sheep and pick fruit rather than play with dolls.
Running a fruit stall
“I had the job of making sure our little fruit stall, complete with honesty box, was always stocked too,” she remembers.
“Granddad made this little tray that sat on the golf course we lived next to. When the golfers came down the fairway, there were always apples for 20c. That was my pocket money.”

Editor’s note

This story is the first in a new series which will give readers an insight into the lives of well-known people, past and present.
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