Little Known Facts About Well-known People – This Week, The Mayor

Mayor Gurunathan
columnist extraordinaire

It’s not generally recognised — certainly not by the Mayor — that the title for his best-known column, ‘Notes From the Corner Dairy,’ actually came from the Editor of KIN.

Many years ago K Gurunthan (Guru) had entered local politics and I remember telling him about the wonderful family who ran the Four Square shop in Raumati South.

I also mentioned I was going to honour them by using the catchy title ‘Notes from a corner dairy’ above a column I was planning.

But a short time later, I was gobsmacked to see the very same title appear under the Mayor’s name in the Weekly Kāpiti Snooze.

Dear Reader, I fear I had fallen for the oldest ploy in journalism — save time by purloining other writers’ ideas!

However, I am a long-suffering man and give Guru full marks for bare-faced cheek — and I’m willing to give all royalties from the title to a local charity.

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