Little-Known Facts About Well-Known People — Sir Jon Trimmer

Sir Jon Trimmer, of Paekakariki, loved dancing in the Royal Danish Ballet — but there was a hitch.

He never got to enjoy uninterrupted night life.

As he puts it: “All of us were on call every night in case the King rang for a special performance!

Ballet back in the late 1960 s early 1970s.

Sir John danced for the Ballet in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

He says, “It was a lovely time with a great theatrical company.  Copenhagen itself was a delight but ‘we’ in the company never had much night light life apart from our performances, as all of us were on call,

“It was a tradition going back a few hundred years.  So if it was a night off and we wanted to see a movie or whatever we had to be aware that we could be called over the speaker system, or by a message written on the screen, to come to the theatre as soon as possible for a show.”

The King who loved ballet

He says the King loved Ballet and according to an old tradition the Royal Danish Ballet Company was his.

“So everyone jumped to it”, Sir Jon says.

“In a funny way, it was exciting. The King was a very nice man and he had his favourite performers within the company.

“Often he would arrive unannounced, his face suddenly being seen from the stage up in the Royal box partway through the performance.”

No regrets about interrupted evenings

But sir Jon has absolutely no regrets about the unusual demands of dancing for the Danish King’s Ballet.
As he says: “I feel very privileged to have been part of all that tradition.”
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