Little Known Facts About Well-known People

Well-known Paekakariki editor and polymath Don Polly chats briefly with a future US President during an embarrassing encounter in Los Angeles.

Embarrassing because garage mechanic Polly had forgotten the name of the man who was a famous film actor, a future Governor of California, and President of the US.

Don Polly also needed to avoid mentioning his own support for the American Communist Party ( Ronnie Reagan was always slightly right of centre).

So what did the ever-resourceful Polly do?

Ronnie meets Donnie in downtown Los Angeles

He walked boldly over to Reagan and blurted out: “Hi, I’m Don Polly — are you who I think you really are?”

Luckily the B-movie actor (who was working for right-wing Republican Barry Goldwater at the time) replied graciously “Ronald Reagan, great to meet you!”

And so a star was born…

That’s Don Polly we’re talking about.


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