Life With The Patels

patelsComing soon from a store near us – a family story, ‘To here from Gujarat, with love.’gujarat

By the Editor, Alan Tristram

Sometimes it’s great to have a good news story amid the encircling gloom of many other events.

And so I’m going to write, from time to time, about a family I’ve come to know, and like, at Raumati Beach, on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand.

At the back from the left: Kamal and Deempalben; Greetaben (Grandma); Dignaben and  Shirish.

In front: Jaitra Jaini (4), and Pal Vasant (3).

It’s an Indo-Kiwi story, you might say, about the Patels of Raumati Beach Four Square.


And why did they start their journey to NZ from Surat in India some nine years ago?

Simple really, says Kamal: “To get a better life and to get a better chance to use our education.”

It’s a remarkable story, and I’m going to tell it bit by bit. Watch this space!