Life With the Patels

Kapiti’s Mayor K. Gurunathan

Mayor Guru clarifies position re Dairy Owners’ complaints

By Alan Tristram

The Patel family outside their Raumati Beach shop

The Kapiti Coast Mayor, K Gurunathan, (Guru) has made clear his position on complaints by Raumati Beach dairy owners that the KCDC is discriminating against them.

The Four Square owners, Shirish and Kamal Patel, alleged the Mayor had promised a visit to discuss Council’s action in telling them to remove a firewood pallet from the pavement outside the popular store of the corner of Raumati and Margaret Roads.

But Mayor Gurunathan said today he pointed out a week ago this was not so.

(And we apologise for any malfeasance on our part in getting and publishing his reply).

The Mayor said in his original message: ‘ Firstly I did not make a promise to meet (on the Monday mentioned). I said I will meet with staff on the matter. Yesterday I texted the owner that I will arrange for him to meet staff in my office . That is now being arranged. ‘

KIN is happy to publish this correction and to report a meeting has been arranged for tomorrow am (Friday, July 14).