Licensing Looms

Police Warn Gun Owners

Graeme Trask
30th September 2009

The Police have started to warn all firearm owners they will  be prosecuted if their licenses have expired.A pic of police car

The warnings has been given in the Manawatu but Kapiti Independent News  understands this will also happen on the Kapiti Coast.

The Manawatu Police say no excuses are accepted — and the licensing team will be reminding gun owners when renewal is looming.

Licensing is a key area, Police say, because  the security and storage of guns is vital  — and they say criminals have been stealing more firearms recently.

All firearms must be secured and stored separately  from ammunition and gun bolts.

As well as securing their arms, licence holders must keep their licence and licence details up to date (as with is a driver’s  licence).

But many firearm holders do not update their address or contact details,  making it difficult for Police to do their job.

Stickers are available from police stations for gun cabinets to remind owners to update licences if any details change.