Library Users Miss Out On Parking

Paraparaumu Library

Community Board members Bernie Randall and Guy Burns are calling for action to ease parking problems around the Paraparaumu Library.

The issue was bought to the latest meeting of the Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board by a regular user of the Paraparaumu Library.

The Board was told that car parks were always full, particularly from 10am to midday — and a request was made to cut the current 4-hour time limit.

Bernie Randall says a survey by Board members revealed there are 25 parks with 240-minutes parking and

Bernie Randall

only three for 10-minutes parking. And the Board will discuss the matter again at its next meeting.

The Paraparaumu library is getting increased use from many Waikanae residents because of the loss of the former Waikanae library in Mahara Place, and this puts even more pressure on parking places in Iver Trask Place.

There is no extra space to increase the number of parks. A simple solution would be to divide the parking zones into 10, 30, 60- and 120-minutes sections.

Guy Burns

Current scheme ‘unsatisfactory

Community Board members Bernie Randall and Guy Burns say the current permit parking scheme is unsatisfactory.

And appears designed to benefit Councillors who are allowed to park cars there all day on Council business to the detriment and annoyance of library users.

‘Good luck on getting a spot!’ say Bernie and Guy.

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