Libraries’ Summer Reading Programme

By Tracey Morgan and Roger Childs

If you want your kids to keep up with their reading skills over the holidays, enrol them in Kapiti Coast District Libraries’ summer reading programme. Tracey Morgan, Youth Services Coordinator

Encouraging the kids’ holiday reading

 Rayna 3The four Kapiti District Libraries are again running a children’s reading programme over the summer.


  • choose a minimum of four books to read during the holidays
  • ‘report in’ to the library to talk about these with a staff member or volunteer
  •  can use email for reporting in – see  for instructions or email  

Once they’ve reported in, children receive a stamp in their Summer Reading Stars Booklet and an incentive reward.

If a child reads and reports in to discuss at least four books, they get an invitation to a finale party during the last week of January at 3.30pm.

When it’s on

The programme

  • runs from 16 December 2013 to 24 January 2014 (with a break from 23 December to 3 January)
  • has reporting times from Monday to Friday between 11.30am to 1.30pm.
  • is supported by Friends of the Library.

Tracey says Register for the programme at the library between 9-13 December. Get in quick as places are limited!

What the children do

Aimee 1 I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the programme in previous years. What struck me most was the kids enthusiasm for reading generally and the library in particular. Ages ranged from 3 to 13 and they proudly approached the desk keen to talk about their latest book and show me their growing total of what they had read.

This summer the follow-up  process will be the same.

After their ‘report-in’ the staff member/volunteer

  • will tick their name off
  •  pop a star sticker on their booklet
  • give them a small gift to  keep them reading and coming back!

It’s a great way to encourage children to read over the holidays and use their local library.

Register your children at your local library by Friday 13 December.