Levin KFC Anew

Levin’s new KFC takes shape

26th May…2010

Work on the new KFC building in Levin is well under way after an arson attack saw the business close down.

Last December arsonists set fire to the rear of the building where boxes and rubbish were stored, forcing a total shut down of the business.

Levin Chief Fire Officer Lindsay Walker said the flames entered the roof space, extensively damaging the back third of the restaurant, while the rest of the building received smoke and heat damage.

Michelle Archer, PR consultant for KFC says: “We now have 35 new people being trained in Palmerston North and they will work alongside the present 20 trained staff.”

Since 2004, KFC have had a modernisation program throughout the country to bring old buildings up to date.

Ms Archer says:”Because of the fire the Levin project was fast tracked and will incorporate all the bells and whistles — and be the most modern building to date.

“With the fire being a negative thing, it is good to see something positive coming out of it.”

Although the fire was confirmed as suspicious and was treated as arson by the Police, so far there have been no arrests. No one was injured in the fire as the business was closed at the time.

Ms Archer  adds: “We hope the business will be up and running about mid July.”

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