Letter From Levin


Democracy under wraps in the Horowhenua

By Judith Bryers Holloway ( writer, social activist and KIN  Levin correspondent)

Well, how is it that the paid servant of a democratic institution, the Chief Executive (CE) of the Horowhenua District

Horowhenua Chief Executive David Clapperton

Council, can possibly get away with refusing to allow the publication of the full audit of the Council’s financial doings?

How can it be possible for a CE to think he has the right to intercept and interfere with the emails of his staff?
Is this man even a New Zealander, one wonders? Possibly he was raised in Sicily…?
So some of us – no doubt I am included, as a left-wing liberal progressive thinker – are part of a ‘black list’ whose emails must be diverted to his office in the Council.
Backbones  absent

Even more puzzling, what is wrong with the backbones of the elected Councillors who seem to be in cahoots with such behaviour? Or have they

New Mayor, Michael Freyen, wants to keep public housing

Horowhenua District Mayor, Michael Feyen

been pressured in the same way Horowhenua Mayor Michael Feyen has been by the Godfather?

No one publishing a truthful analysis of public service to its citizens should be made to feel scared of ‘writs’ and so on from the law. As far as I know, truth is still respected  by the law. So go for it, Mayor Feyen — let’s read the rest of the auditor’s report!
The Godfather is pretty good at PR, I must admit. He presents a ‘B’ rating as something pretty flash. Really?
Most of us ratepayers would expect an A+ of a CE on a high salary with a huge staff running things for him.
What’s really going on?

It would be very interesting to hear from some key staff members about what is really going on inside the HDC walls.

Horowhenua Council HQ in Levin
In the meantime, many ratepayers in our region would like to see this CE stood down, banned from Council offices (in case of tampering and covering up) until the real truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is revealed to the rest of us.

Also, I recommend that we should withhold our rates for the months of August and September as

Pensioner flats in Levin

a message to this Council that we do NOT want our pensioner housing stock and the land that goes with it sold for a pittance to greedy developers.

This rotten deal is due for finalisation at the end of September. It takes only a phone call to the bank to stop an AP, and an email to the Council to explain your reason for withholding your money for a couple of months.
This valued asset was built up and maintained by those same rates from us and our ancestors. And they were set up long before Clapperton and his ilk arrived on the scene.