Let a Thousand Haka Resound v. the Attack

Kapiti’s Mayor K Gurunathan

The Mayors of Kāpiti and Porirua want a thousand Haka to resound against the Christchurch attack exactly a week later.

Mayor K Gurunathan and Mayor Mike Tana say that this Friday at 1.40pm school groups on the Kapiti Coast and Porirua will respond with a simultaneous Haka.

Call goes out to other schools

Already, they say: “The three main colleges in Kāpiti — (Otaki College, Paraparaumu College, Kapiti College) — have committed to this unified response. A call has gone out to primary schools to join us.

“The haka will resound at the exact time a week ago when the attacker opened fire on the innocent in Christchurch, Let those taking part observe a minute of silence at 1.39pm in respect of those killed, their families and the people of Christchurch.

“And then deliver a resounding haka in defiance of everything the attack stands for. We will not be terrorised. We urge those participating to livestream, record and upload their haka videos online.”

Haka resounds within the NZ psyche

Kāpiti Mayor K Gurunathan says: “As a migrant who has found a home here, I know that there can be no other response as powerful
and deep seated in the NZ psyche than the haka which has the ability to unite all Kiwis.

Porirua’s Mayor Mike Tana says Porirua is a diverse and inclusive City.

He says: “We stand with all our communities to support Christchurch. Unity will show strength and the way forward.

“We are particularly proud that our young people wish to be part of this unified response to such a horrendous event.”

Call goes out to other Mayors

He adds: “We are asking other mayors to join us. We appeal to the media to help us reach as many as possible.

“The brutal merciless killing has shocked and numbed the nation. We enter a time of deep reflection gathering in small and large groups to convey our heartfelt grief and pain to the families of the victims and to the Muslim community at large for what has happened.”

The Mayors say that as New Zealanders they are shocked that this has happened in this country.

But, as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has quickly and correctly observed, the attacker’s social media postings showed he had deliberately chosen New Zealand to prove that even a nation like Aotearoa New Zealand, far from the international turmoil of war and terror, cannot escape this global evil.

“It was a calculated strategy to attack our strength as a largely tolerant, peaceful society of diverse communities,” the Mayors say.

“We cannot allow that to happen. There is a season for all things.

“Today is a season for deep reflection. Of standing together as families, neighbours, communities and as a nation in support of the victims and their families, and each other. “There is also a season for defiance. A defiance that is growing.

“A defiance that says:


“As Mayors of Porirua and Kapiti Coast, we call on other Mayors and their communities to respond

“Let a thousand haka resound across the country with this message.”

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