Labour Picks Candidate From Pasifika family In Levin

Terisa Ngobi (left in main photo, with Claire Szabo, Party president) ) — and the other photos were taken at the selection meeting

Terisa Ngobi, a Case Manager for Work and Income in Levin, has been selected as Labour’s Otaki Candidate for the general election in September.

She says: “It’s a privilege to have been selected by local Labour members to be our Otaki candidate this year.

A ‘strong local voice’ for the Otaki electorate

I’m putting myself forward to stand for Parliament to be a strong local voice for the communities of Otaki, and help ensure we keep making progress under Jacinda Ardern and Labour.

“With a Labour-led Government, New Zealand is heading in the right direction and local people in Otaki are seeing progress.

Our economy is growing faster than many of our trading partners, unemployment is near the lowest it’s been in a decade and rising wages mean more people are better off.

That strong economy has seen thousands of new jobs created in our region, which helps families get ahead.

Investments in rail and road

“Our strong economy means we can make vital local investments including upgrading our rail system, and a four-lane upgrade on SH1 from Otaki to Levin.

“From this strong position, we are tackling the long term challenges facing New Zealand.

We’re rolling out specialist mental health support at GPs offices, we’re funding new life-saving cancer drugs and radiation machines, we’ve cut the cost of doctors visits for hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders,

“(And we’ve) built thousands of new state houses, introduced the Winter Energy Payment, extended Paid Parental Leave to 22 weeks, and put over 2000 new police on the beat.

“Our community is making good progress, but we need a strong voice in Jacinda Ardern’s government to keep things moving and help local people thrive.

That’s why I’m running for Parliament and why I’ll be asking for people’s support in September,” says Terisa.”

Mother of three

Terisa is a mother of three who has spent nearly 10 years working in the mental health and disability sectors in both New Zealand and the UK.

Labour says: “Terisa will be coming to all the local branch meetings to hear your ideas and chat about the 2020 campaign.” 

The first of these meetings is at the Otaki Branch AGM on Monday at 7pm at the Otaki Presbyterian Church, 249 Mill Road Otaki.

Other branch meetings are the Waikanae Branch (TBC) 19th March, 7.30pm, Levin Branch Sunday 22nd in Foxton, Paraparaumu Branch on 29th March and Otaki Women’s Branch on the 5th April (TBC).

Labour branch secretaries will confirm the dates, times and venues

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