Otaki Launch by Annette King

Otaki Labour’s new website was launched today by Annette King MP at a function attended by Labour Party members and supporters in Otaki. Annette King is Labour’s Buddy MP for the Otaki electorate.

The attached picture shows Annette King(left) and Blanche Charles, who built the website, cutting the commemorative cake specially baked and decorated for the occasion by Penny Gaylor.

The website can be found at

“We see it as an “online office” for Labour in Otaki – a place where our members and supporters can keep up-to-date with our activities, while members of the public can use it to source information”, Blanche Charles said. Blanche is also the Secretary of the Otaki Labour Electorate Committee.

For further information please contact:

Bruce Taylor, Otaki Labour Electorate Committee

04 2934482 or 0272214874


Why should I vote for labour? I have long supported them but recently thought, oh what the heck, I’ll just vote national. A simple reply should secure my vote, I recently emailed Nathan Guy with this:

Mr Guy,

I’m sitting on the fence, I’m on a sickness benefit because I developed M.S, before that I was studying commerce by day, working at the meat works by night and being groomed by management for an area managers job with Asurenz. I was a national supporter but was recently told reelecting national will make my life very tough? Do you have a response? Why should I vote for you or not?

Thank you

Kane Roper

Sooooo, want an easy vote? Promise me something that actually affects me.


Kane Roper