Labour Loses Signs



Housing Meeting Billboards Stolen


Labour candidate Rob McCann says the sudden disappearance of three large signs is as much a concern about political issues as it is about sign theft.


“Obviously we are not pleased to have three large signs stolen from three different areas on the same night, but the bigger concern is the message on the signs, and that is the housing crisis being faced by many throughout our region.


“It’s pretty clear this was not a random act repeated three times and the idea that someone is so scared that we are talking about the housing crisis, that they would steal these signs should be concerning for everyone.


“There are people in our community without homes, people staying in motels, staying on other people’s couches and families moving further north because they can’t afford the rent. There are parents and grandparents worrying about whether their children will ever be able to buy a house. We should be able to talk about those issues, without someone trying to silence us,” says Mr McCann.


The signs were last seen on Wednesday and by Thursday had vanished, in some cases with the entire wooden framework.


“You always expect a drawn on eye-patch or some moustache to be added to political signs from time to time, but to have the signs stolen is rare. This isn’t the work of kids. The removal required power tools and a large trailer. Democracy is about people being able to have an opinion. That someone or some party should be removing signs about the housing crisis is wrong on so many levels.”


Mr McCann says his team will get as many signs replaced as quickly as possible.  Someone certainly made an effort as the Housing Meeting signs were 2.4m x 1.2m and located on the Paraparaumu College Roundabout, outside Coastlands on Rimu Road and on the roundabout in Otaki on SH1.



The Housing Meeting will be held on Saturday 12 August at the Hope Centre Hall in Levin from 2pm to 3:30pm