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After years of being involved with ‘English Literature, I still do most of my reading from real books, but I`ve had a Kobo for several years.

I find it easier to read in bed and easier to pop into my handbag if I`m going somewhere which involves waiting around.

I couldn`t read “serious” books on my Kobo because I refer back so often when I`m reading and anyway turning the page shows proper respect for the writer!

I do enjoy crime fiction though and read it quickly and so I use my Kobo for this.

I prefer fairly gentle, always whodunit, crime novels with a good interesting plot and well-described settings.

Although all of the books I mention can be stand-alone reads, I like to follow a series through to get to know the main characters and watch their personal and professional development.                                             

These are some of my favourites:

Ellie Griffiths is an English writer who sets her novels in Saltmarsh on the Norfolk coast.

Her main character is Dr Ruth Galloway, an archaeologist who is an expert in the ancient bones and objects of the area, many from the Iron Age.

Griffith`s first novel is The Crossing Places, in which we are introduced to the remote, watery landscape which Ruth loves and also to characters including, among others, Inspector Harry Nelson and  Cathbad, a modern druid, who will be part of future novels.

Ruth is drawn into modern crime when she is consulted by the police to help date the remains of a suspected murder victim.                                           

The latest novel in the series (the 12th) is the recently published The Lantern Man.

Kate Ellis and Tradmouth

The setting of most of Kate Ellis`s novels is Tradmouth in South Devon, a very beautiful little harbour town loosely based on Dartmouth.

‘The Bone Garden,’ by Kate Ellis

Her main character is Wesley Peterson, a policeman who has a degree in archaeology  but chose to become a policeman.

Wesley works with his colleagues at Tradmouth police station, especially his boss Gerry Heffernan, and his friend from university days, Neil Watson.

Ellis blends contemporary crime with history and archaeology , running two stories concurrently – the past and the present- until their connection becomes apparent.

There are 23 novels in this series, the first being The Merchant House (1998) and the latest( 2020)The Burial Circle

And Scottish novels set in Galloway

Aline Templeton is Scottish, and sets her novels around Galloway, on the coast of rural Scotland.

Her main character is Marjorie Fleming who, besides being a detective inspector, is a farmer`s wife with two growing sons.

She and her irrepressible sergeant, Tam MacNee, keep the peace and solve the crimes of the local closely- knit community. Her first novel in the series is Cold in the Earth (2005) and her latest The Third Son (2015).                                         

I notice that Templeton has recently begun a new series with a male D/I , Kelso Strang.

But my current Kobo favourite is…

The current favourite read on my Kobo is Canadian author, Louise Penny.

Her hero is Armand Gamache, a police inspector in the Surete , the provincial police force of Quebec.

The crimes he solves are chiefly around the idyllic village of Three Pines where he and his wife eventually live, although as he gains promotion  he becomes involved in Quebec politics.

Despite the crimes, the series provides a very feel-good read.

Gamache is a good man, kind, shrewd,and loyal and the inhabitants of Three Pines village are an endearing, and quirky group who support Gamache in his sometimes challenging investigations.

So there you are — and I hope you enjoy some of my choices too!

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