Motorway Knock-out Blow ?

Faafoi says ‘gloves still on’ over Kāpiti Expressway

The fight to prevent National’s Kapiti Expressway is still well and truly on. Labour still has the gloves on and  is ready for many more rounds, Labour’s MP for Mana Kris Faafoi says.

He says: “The business, environmental and community case for National’s Expressway has never stacked up and Labour will keep highlighting the travesty of a motorway that will cut through the heart of the Kapiti Coast.”


“Before National came into office it was committed to the Western Link Road Options; its Otaki MP Nathan Guy publicly supported it. Now in Government National has disappointed Kapiti communities by foisting its Expressway on them,” he says.

“A recent media story may have given the Government false hope that its attempt to force the expressway on the Kapiti community will be easier. But that’s not the case. What we are saying is that we need to stop the expressway before construction starts and it’s too late.

“Labour will fight all the way to stop the Expressway before the bulldozers roll in.”

On costs, Mr Faafoi says the Expressway is too expensive, the cost benefit ratios are uneconomic and the motorway will ‘scar the beauty of the Kapiti Coast forever.’

He adds: “Everyone knows that once the bulldozers start rolling in and building starts it will be hard to stop the Expressway going ahead. That’s why Labour will be doing everything it can to prevent construction beginning before the 2014 election.

“A change in Government is the only way to stop National’s Kapiti Expressway from going ahead.”


If that last comment got passed my moderator

Another thing Kris
Your statement “if the motorway is started it will be hard to stop” is utter BS to say the least, do you think we are all fools? Or as the lack of comment shows, you are talking into a vacuum?
If you are earning a 10th of what you are being paid you will know the world went passed peak oil in 2005-6. Do you truly think that any time soon, when the oil tankers STOP delivering over 90% of our transport fuel, that we will keep building this road?
Give me a ring some time I will be happy to spend a few hours educating you about the facts of life, clearly you are in La La Land at the moment.

If an eighteen year old starts up a Kiwi Saver account, and hopes to retire on the investment in 47 years time, then the population of New Zealand will have to nearly treble.
We will need massive roading infrastructure to keep over 12 million people moving.
I’m playing the devils advocate here as clearly this can not happen (or the planet supporting 21 billion people in 47 years)
So something has to give doesn’t it?
If it is imposable for the economy, along with the resource base to keep growing for the next 47 years ….. so it also goes to say that the 18 year old hasn’t a show in hell of seeing a cent from his KS investment.
Clearly this Labour created and sponsored savings scam is a lie, why not be the first politician to come out with the truth, and if nothing else warn your young constituents of this fraud?