Kiwis Must Back UN Inquiry into Police Brutality in America

A police officer beats a protester during riots in Harlem sparked by the killing of a 15 year old boy by police.
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The Avaaz human rights group says ‘WE NEED YOU TO ACT URGENTLY!‘ over the Black Lives Matter Campaign.

Avaaz says later today (American time) the UN will hold an unprecedented debate on systemic racism and police violence. 

UN can set up an inquiry
It says: “They (the UN) could order the setting up of an independent commission of inquiry investigating police brutality in the US.

“But, we need to pressure our governments to demand US accountability at this meeting!

Australia and others bow to US

“Insiders say the Trump Administration is exerting massive pressure on countries to take the spotlight off the US. 

“Australia and European countries have capitulated to a watered-down resolution, and other countries are also coming under intense pressure. This is where we come in!

If enough of us contact our foreign ministries / country representatives to the UN in the next 18 hours, we can get these countries to reverse course and to demand US accountability! 

How to do it

Avaaz advises: Here’s how to do it:

If you live outside the US, please contact your Foreign Ministry or your country’s UN Mission in Geneva and let them know that you support the call made by families of victims of police killings in the United States, 54 African countries, and over 660 groups from 66 countries to mandate an independent Commission of Inquiry.

If you live in the United States, please contact foreign embassies in Washington D.C. that are members of the UNHRC (see list here) especially U.S. allies and urge them to support international accountability for police killings in the U.SGeorge Floyd’s brutal murder has sparked an unstoppable global movement demanding concrete and bold actions to end racist policing practices and impunity for police violence.

“Our community has an unparalleled opportunity to bring meaningful change here. Let’s rise to the occasion!”
Editor’s note: Avaaz is a non-profit US group which campaigns internationally for human rights.
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