KIN’s 2017 Awards: Worst Politician

And the Trump it shall sound! Bill Clague

Winning by miles

By Roger Childs

Robert Mugabe and Kim Jong Un were in the running, but, in the end, couldn’t match US President Donald Trump.

Many Americas are still shaking their heads over how the current occupant of the White House got there.

It was a tragedy that the Democrats didn’t choose Bernie Sanders last year or persuade Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren, to stand. Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate and now the Americans and the World has to put up with the bigoted buffoonery of Donald Trump.

Many hoped that he might moderate his style once in office, but no chance.

The hiss and a roar falls flat

The new man was going to change the USA like no other president before him.  He began his term with a strident inauguration speech emphasizing America first. However, the new administration has turned out to be Trump family first.

Trump has been attempting to destroy his legacy

There was a determination to make big changes quickly: build a wall to keep Mexicans out, ban immigration from suspect Muslim countries, reopen coal mines, and the big one – repeal the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare).  In fact there was an obsession to undo anything Barack Obama had done.

The first 100 days were going see major achievements and Trump quickly appreciated that he had the power to change things through executive orders. Scores of these were signed with a flourish and a smirk.

But few changes have happened, and only in the last few days has the president achieved his first legislative success: a bill to cut taxes. Sadly, this bill will, in the words of the New York Times … enrich the country’s elite at the expense of everyone else, including future generations who will end up bearing the cost.

Offence and bewilderment

Women, Muslims, the Boy Scouts, Mexico, Theresa May, Angela Merkel, John McCain, gays in the armed forces, previous presidents, the Mayor of London – to name but a few, have been offended by the president’s impulsive utterances and actions.

Trump has pulled America out

Internationally Trump has made few friends and caused consternation in many circles.

The Israeli and Saudi government like him because of aid and trade deals. However, old American allies like the British, French and Germans, have been dismayed by his style and his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Accord. Seemingly another example of the childish dismantling of the Obama Legacy.

He has also upset other governments by pulling out of trade discussions and threatening to renegotiate existing treaties.

Furthermore he has stirred up the Korean Peninsula hornet’s nest, and traded insults with Kin Jong Un, the unpredictable and nuclear-happy North Korean leader.

Meanwhile he has been cozying up to the Russians and has often expressed admiration for the autocratic Vladimir Putin.

Herein may lie the basis for his future demise.

The Russian connections

What does he know about Trump?

There is indisputable evidence that Russian hackers interfered with the voting rolls and election processes in 2016. However did the Trump team use links with Russian officials and sources to influence the presidential election?

There were contacts between Trump family members, campaign officials and later administration appointees with influential Russians. As readers know, these connections are being investigated by special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, and congressional committees.

Robert Mueller: not saying a lot

However, is there a smoking gun which could lead to the president being impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors?  Time will tell.

There are a number of former Trump campaign officials, White House staff and government appointees, many of whom were sacked by the president, who are cooperating with Mueller. Not surprisingly Donald Trump has been loudly denying any involvement in election manipulation.

So it’s a wait and see scene, as the United States and the World ponders on whether the man who has only been in office 11 tumultuous months will last the distance.



If Bernie Sanders had won he would still have had the same problem Obama had — both Senate and House of Representatives controlled by the Republicans. The mid-presidential-term elections for a third of the seats in the senate and all 435 house seats on 6 November 2018 could change that.

Those who voted for Trump don’t care about his lack of diplomatic skills, or even appreciation of what diplomacy means; what they care about is jobs where they are.

I agree with Trump that creating and maintaining good relations with Russia is the way to go; people everywhere were very worried about Hillary and her manufactured reasons for belligerence.

Ok you published that lets see how you go with this one
Jacinda Ardern is as much of a lair or ‘muddler’ of the facts as Trump
She says climate change is the biggest ‘challenge’ facing this generation, yet turned around and voted for more CO2 emissions via global trade and burning of bunker oil (shipping of goods around the world) and the burning of aviation fuel into the worse place it can be burnt … high up in the atmosphere, again flying goods around the world. Global trade = CO2 no if, buts, or maybes.
405 ppm CO2 = human extinction, but she and big Al will never tell you that. Global trade and keeping the bullshit system running as long as they possibly can keep it running is their main focus.
The biggest challenge facing every generation alive now is lying politicians, the media, and bought and paid for scientists. Human habitat is fast running out, the ability to grow grains at scale is nearly over, this season will see the start of food riots. but don’t publish facts, we wouldn’t want the house of cards to crumble quit yet. If I thought you would give me the chance to spell it all out I would be willing to put it all in layman’s terms, but I know it would be a wast of my time ….. Guy McPherson has an over 30,000 word referenced essay for those with half a brain. But lets face it most of KIN readers would be incapable of reading it, let alone understand it if they were given the chance that is …. all fing pointless