KIN Awards 1st Poetry Prize

Cherllisha Silva

Kapiti Independent has just awarded its first poetry prize to Cherllisha Silva for her poem ‘The Western Link.’

Cherllisha gets $50 worth of book tokens from KIN, plus a book of the month from Coastlands Paper Plus.

The prize-winning poem is titled ‘The Western Link.’

And here it is…

The Western Link


When my bitumen beaches began to burn close to clapboard fences, in the lap of land between Kapiti Coast and range, the singing road worker, Telula Thomson, helped calm me down. She too loved old school.  You can’t get better than R’ n B’, the eighties, the nineties, said she, making her mark with the stop/go sign.  


Later on, while belting out a bit of Barry White, Qualified to satisfy you, Telula brushed the length of the backbone of the range—a slow sweep with her pinkie.  She heard the mist moan in the boohai, felt the dry rain of progress dig deep burrows in the earth—illegible as braille and as complex as drunken sex.  I don’t really like R’ n B.’

These days, Telula says, I hope my Dolly Parton songs didn’t drive the locals mad.  I know, opinion was split four ways then but now— now that Telula’s job is done—the hood gets to hear my hundred kilometre per hour vocal as vehicles suck the seal on my highway through our slip of sand and sun.

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