Killing and Creating Silence

A pest worker who worked for Environment Waikato for two years, has termed 1080 poison as cruel and destructive of bird life. Kiwi Environmentalist

Former poison worker condemns 1080

By Graeme Merekara  Shelford

I worked with Environment Waikato for two years. I did trapping, 1080 and also aerial drops, ignorant to the damage I was helping to cause.

It was work – outside and in the bush – riding around all day setting traps and laying carrots. Easy.

The amount of times we went onto properties, poisoning and trapping fence lines, and the arguments my boss went through as we knocked on the doors of farmers… they looked at us and treated us like we were there to take their farms.

The amount of times I sat and listened to people telling me 1080 doesn’t kill anything but possums…

Seeing the devastation first hand

Plenty of birds, dogs and cattle get killed

Being a hunter and hearing of all the dogs getting killed from 1080 I had suspicions, but it wasn’t until one day when I went back to put fresh poison in pots that I got to see it firsthand.

A huge green hill that we used to park on had what looked like plough marks on it. I got in the gate and looked up and it was where the longest-serving dude on our team had left a pot too close to the fence.

The cows got it and they ran up and down that hill in a crazy fit, tearing up half the hill. Six were dead, blood coming out of their noses and ears, rabid looking froth, eyes popped out, UGLY !

Or the time we went and poisoned a farm block… in the middle of this farm there was a block of native bush, birds deafening you with their songs of life. We pre-baited it and two weeks later poisoned it.

I went back to load fresh poison and it wasn’t hard to notice the eerie silence – no birds at all.

I’d had enough

That was enough for me. I know we could have trapped that block, and a lot of the other blocks.

I’m not proud. It makes me sick just thinking about the amount of wildlife I helped to kill.

Keep up the good work anti-1080 people. Keep NZ green, and not that toxic green either !

Peace !

(Graeme now lives in Australia)

Thanks Graeme these comments relays exactly what us normal kiwis have know for a long time but the Doc Spin Doctor tells New Zealand different through all the lies and mistrust they spread.If there wasn’t big money involved I bet you 100 percent they don’t care about our environment it’s all about the almighty $$$$$$.thanks again we are building groundswell against these idiots.

Thanks Graham for being so honest! I have spoken to lots of Pest Board ex workers and some have come clean and told me of killing hundreds of quail with 1080 carrots and oats here in Marlborough. Some still reckon it’s great and I know of two whom used to mix baits/1080 by hand and one died at 39 and the other at 60!


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