Kelsey is Coming!

Anti-TPPA champion will talk about life after neoliberalism

By Alan Tristram

One of the NZ’s most effective and intelligent critics of National’s policies, Professor Jane Kelsey, is coming to Kapiti soon.

Professor Kelsey, from Auckland, is an anti-TPPA champion and will lecture on Saturday, May 13, at an event sponsored by local Quakers.

It’s  the ‘Quaker Lecture 2017’  and its title is “Transcending Neoliberalism: Moving From A State Of Denial To Progressive Transformation.”

Vigilance is needed in a changing world

The world is changing rapidly in very uncertain ways,” Professor Kelsey says. “A [self-serving] neoliberal mind-set of living for ourselves today and hoping tomorrow will look after itself permeates government, business, and many Kiwis’ psyches.”

She addresses changes New Zealand needs to make to move beyond neoliberal, free market capitalism by applying values of truth, integrity and social justice to the potentially harsh realities of the 21st century.

When: 7.00pm, Saturday 13 May

Where: El Rancho, 58 Weggery Drive, Waikanae Beach.