Keep Out Of Our Water, says Guru

Water monitoring site on the Waikanae River

Kāpiti District Mayor K Gurunathan  has warned the Government the district ‘flatly opposes’ any compulsory  marriage with other councils to supply water.

 He says one of the Government’s delivery options is ‘mandatory aggregation, something which has not gone down well with a significant number of councils across the country’.

But he also says  the Council keen to talk funding with Government during discussions on New Zealand’s water management 

Three waters review

Local Government Minister, Nanaia Mahuta, released Cabinet’s Three Waters Review paper this week. This looks at reshaping drinking water regulations and explores different water service delivery options.

Mayor Gurunathqan says: “I join our national representative, LGNZ, in flatly opposing any attempt to impose a one-size-fits -all approach, which will lead to mandatory aggregation.

“Such an approach fails to recognise that Councils across the country are a diverse bunch, which needs a tailored policy making approach to manage the many challenges we face.

Waikanae River

“The Kāpiti Coast District, for instance, was recently commended by the Auditor General’s Office. An audit report held Kāpiti up as a good example in demand managing drinking water supply,” the Mayor says. 

‘Something to contribute’

“While we recognise that each district is facing different challenges around demand and supply, we do have something to contribute to these discussions, having successfully developed and implemented an approach that works.”

“Central government has recognised the funding constraints faced by councils so if central government is committed to discussions with local government they have to come to the table with some serious funding options.”

It is a relief to see the Mayor is finally agreeing with the concerns I raised on the initial announcing of this policy 4 months ago.
At the LGNZ Conference announcement, LGNZ President David Cull stood on the stage and told the Minister Hon Nanaia Mahuta – ‘all of Local Government, all of the councils and all of you water consumers were totally behind the proposal’.

Well he was not speaking for me and I do not for one minute believe he was speaking for you either. Now 4 months later LGNZ is flatly opposing any one size fits all approach. Nice one, Where is my medal? Districtwide Cr Jackie Elliott


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