KCDC’s Reply Over Family Forced to Move Out

KCDC HQ — where the decision to sell the house was made.

The Kāpiti Coast Council has replied to claims it is forcing a large family out of a house it owns in central Paraparaumu (see story below, February 4).

A family with four children, one with special needs, may be forced to move out of the District because of the Council decision.

In its reply to  our story, the Council’s Group Manager Place and Space, James Jefferson, says:

‘The house you’ve mentioned was being held for operational reasons and is now no longer needed for the purposes that it was acquired for. We currently hold 13 of these houses and are reviewing all of our property holdings. 

‘We let these particular houses under standard market tenancy terms and conditions in order to recover some value for ratepayers.

Month-by-month agreement

‘The tenancy agreement was a periodic, month-by-month agreement and was entered into on that basis between the parties.

‘These houses are completely separate from our housing for older persons’ portfolio. Council’s current role in housing is to own and manage 118 flats that are used for housing for older persons, and we provide a range of services to these tenants. We don’t operate any other social housing as a normal part of our business.

Two of 13 properties identified for sale

‘Last year, we identified that two of the 13 properties were no longer needed for the purposes that they were initially acquired for. Council made the decision to sell these properties.

‘House 1, in Paraparaumu, was purchased through an open market transaction process for roading purposes that aren’t happening anymore.

‘Money from the sale of these houses will go towards reducing debt. This contributes to the Councils ten-year outcome by reducing debt with prudent financial management.

‘We realise this situation can be very disruptive for the family in the tenanted property, and we’ve been working closely with the family and support agencies to help the tenant connect with the appropriate government assistance. We understand the family have since been offered and signed for a Housing NZ house.

‘We are also carrying out work this year to look at the options Council has to influence housing issues’

Why should you remove a family that has been here for Four Generations and have made it very clear that they want to stay where they are and not move out of the district that they have been living in for all those years. Who’s asked them what they want? Not Guess what they want, but asked the family, they may not want to move. So why is council making them move . Just a thought for council perhaps offer them the house seeing as you are selling it at the price that you and they agree to. Just a thought and a suggestion to think about.

Whatever the lower-than-market-rate rentals on social housing amounts to, it will be tiny compared to what the army of unnecessary council bureaucrats on enormous salaries costs. When I first moved to Kapiti in 2006 there were only four “group managers” employed at the council, now there seven. But that hasn’t prevented the need that these council bosses feel to constantly run off to out-of-town lawyers and ‘consultants to tell them what to do. The dozens of incompetent council employees are the ones getting massive personal subsidies from ratepayers.

Council activities funded by rates should be to provide facilities essential or available to all such as: roading,drainage, water supply, by-laws, library, pools etc. Councils are not the bodies to provide subsidised assistance for individuals. Besides the Government’s numerous welfare departments there are many other charitable organisations ,churches and tax emept operations to provide those services. Reduce the debt and usethe funds and rates for everyone’s benefit.

AMENDED Arohamai/Sorry Apihaka
Response to Iride McCloy

An investigation on how much money spent on how many times KCDC has donated to “P” that has not resolved the “P” problem on this coast. Every year KCDC donates to KCDC’s Whakameinga Fish Mandated Te Atiawa who have “no beneficiaries according to the Ombudsman.”

Why hasn’t the same amount been spent on the house of the people being booted out of their home by the KCDC Mr Mayor? Also, houses that need KCDC to repair.

I attended a meeting facilitated by Kath Spiers regarding the Mayor “Social Housing Research Project ” so what happened to the supposed “DOC-KCDC Land” that could be available for “Social Housing”?

The money on that research project could have been spent repairing Houses KCDC made the decision not to fix over the years.

Like a lot of KCDC’s knee jerk reactions – (these) are based on ‘let’s borrow millions”– before controversial Otaraua Park is on the Crowns table.

Quick before the “Treaty Claims negotiations with the Crown” regarding land confiscated under the Public Works Act like all of the area surrounding Paraparaumu Hospital and Airport. If the w’anau given the boot are mokopuna/descendants of original owners of land by the hospital or the airport.

Thanks, KCDC for highlighting discrimination against Tangata W’enua who do not participate, trust or have nothing to do with your KCDC – Whakameinga.

Ngatiawa will use this as an example of KCDC in 2019 creating homelessness and displacing w’anau from their turangawaewae/homelands of their Tipuna/Ancestors.
Under the “Local Government Act,’ an Act passed through Parliament where the Government is responsible for its usage.

“In the words of the first Maori Prophet on the West Coast of North Island one of our Tipuna allies “TE UA HAU” Ngatiawa Hauhau Rebel.”

FYI: Ngatiawa WAI 1018 and Ngarara Airport W’anau Claimants Hearing – Dates Not Yet Confirmed by Judge, April 2019 – Southwards Car Museum – Otaihanga. Nau Mai haere mai-all welcome.

Does it really matter that this family is Maori? That seems to be your angle on this story which only serves to cloud the issue…


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