KCDC Video Shows Vision Linking Coast To Kāpiti Island

The Kāpiti Coast Council has released a new video showing its vision for the controversial Gateway Hub at Paraparaumu Beach.

The idea’s controversial because opponents claim, among other things, the Gateway would cost the Council $800,000 a year in running costs.

But the Council has come up with an empathetic videa stressing the Gateway’s vital links with Maori, the Coast and Kāpiti Island.

The KCDC says: “Keen to see what the proposed Kāpiti Gateway Centre at Paraparaumu Beach would look and feel like?

Benefits stressed

“Check out our new video (link below) which shows a purpose-built eco-facility that would fit snugly into its landscape — and the benefits the Centre could provide our district.

“Councillors have been briefed on the updated business case which was thoroughly reviewed by PwC New Zealand. We’ve listened to feedback and several changes have been made to the initial proposal for the operating model.

“The updated information will be uploaded to our website on Friday 19 February in time for the Council decision on 25 February.”

Watch the video

Visitor numbers to Kapiti Island are restricted so can not be increased significantly, and of course, only occur on days permitted by the weather. I also thought that there is a national and local desire to reduce, not increase, buildings so close to the seafront to avoid future increased sealevel flooding. I believe money could be better spent increasing the clearing, cleaning and beautifying of the area especially the stream exit and replacing non-native (and ugly) Phoenix palms and Norfolk pines with NZ coastal variety trees. The less buildings on the seafront the better, leave the view open and maintain good parking and picnic areas.

Amazing how this video was put together on one of a very few fine weather days. Wonder what it would look like when it’s blowing a gale with sand flying everywhere.
There’s no benefits for this concept to the ratepayers. If a building like this is to be built let DOC pay for it, not the ratepayers.
The annual costs and charges that the two businesses are going to incur has to be passed onto the consumer, which could impact on total overall loss to the businesses.
We also need to be mindful of not having too many visitors to the island in any one day, so that needs to be managed.
It’s a vote of no confidence for me.

To be viable and not a burden the gateway and Kapiti Island need to attract large increases in visitor numbers. The beauty of the island plant and bird life have been the main marketing concepts used to date to promote the place. But history,true history, could be used to generate greater interest. The whale stations and the island as the home of Te Rauparaha . Have displays showing the true horror and ugliness of those days . Promote attraction at the gateway and visitor sites with more detail on the island. The uniqueness, horror and macabre will always attract greater numbers than a memorial to past heroes.

Imagine the rates increase for this building, the loss of quite a number of car parks, a lot of people do not want this building, not just rate payers, local Paraparaumu beach business owners too. What consultation has there been?

Great initiative! Kapiti would really benefit from this. It creates a point of difference for us. It would be a focal point for the community and visitors, connecting us to the fabulous resource we have in Kapiti Island, our beautiful hills and beaches, and our rich history. It could showcase the region’s past, present and future. We really need visionary projects such as this that contribute to making the region attractive and accessible to visitors, residents and businesses. I hope councillors and the community wholeheartedly support it.


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