KCDC ‘Unfriendly To Environment & Citizens’By Killing Off Waikanae Recycling

A group of Waikanae citizens have organised a Facebook petition to save the Waikanae recycling centre.

Michelle Lewis (photo) says: “From 1 August Kapiti Coast District Council is planning to close the Waikanae recycling facility on Park Ave. The Green waste (facility) will close the following year. 

“Providing local facilities within each area of the district is the most effective way to reduce, reuse and recycle.

“As local people we went to keep and have the local recycling facility enhanced to provide for more types of recycling.”

Michelle Lewis goes on to say the community has not been effectively consulted on the proposals — and the survey on which decisions are made is statistically unreliable. 

We wish to see the facility remain open on 1st August 2021 and (want) the Council to work with the community from then and through 2022 to agree a long-term solution to a recycling facility in Waikanae.

The citizens behind the petition say their goal is to reach 1,000 signatures — and at the time of writing the total had reached 899.

One of the supporters, Dr Viola Palmer says:

‘The goal is to reach 1,000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:


Well done, Michelle. I have been a strong supporter of keeping open the Waikanae recycling centre. It is a valuable Waikanae asset. In two workshop (available on YouTube and excellently summarised by John Vickerman) councillors first decided to retain the recycling centre then in a subsequent workshop 2 councillors changed their straw vote and the majority then supported closing the centre on 1 August. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy comes to mind when I reflect on the process.

I totally support this petition and the people of Waikanae who have rightfully expressed their concern at the sudden announcement of the closure of the facility as signalled in the recent LTP process. The decision of councillors to approve the LTP on the 24th June was to be challenged and a revocation of the closure decision requested under part 23.1 & 2 of standing orders at this Thursdays council meeting at my request, due to the information upon which councillors made the decision changing. We were told the Greenwaste operation was closing on 1st August, It is staying until August 2022. We were told at the final workshop the costs to run recycling facility could be covered by an average $17 per ratepayer community rate, yet this option was not given to the community at all in LTP consultation. All that was needed were the co-signatories of 3 councillors. So I ask, Crs Sophie Handford, Bernie Randall, Gwynn Compton and Waikanae Ward Councillor Jocelyn Prvanov – Why didn’t you take advantage of this final opportunity to save the recycling centre and co-sign the notice with me to get it on the agenda for this weeks council meeting? Districtwide Cr Jackie Elliott. (Portfolio Leader Sustainable Waste Management).


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