KCDC Tops in the Bureaucracy Stakes, says Chris Ruthe

Christopher Ruthe reports the ‘KCDC’s Bloated Bureaucracy’ is now top in New Zealand.’

Kapit Coast Council HQ — tops for bureacrats?

He says: “Many ratepayers have suspected this for a while.”

Chris Ruthe, founder chair of Coastal Ratepayers United, goes on to say:

‘Now it ( the bloated bureaucracy ) has been confirmed by the most extensive nationwide analysis ever undertaken into local bodies’ payroll expenses.

The author, Larry Mitchell, was a senior partner in Coopers Lybrand, Local Government Sector, and is an expert in his field. 

His analysis appears in a report from CPR Consultants.

This is the chart ranking KCDC No. 1:

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 The average council spends 23.8% of its budget on payroll.

Kapiti Coast District Council spends 34.7% — whereas Rangitikei spends just 10.3%. 

The report also reveals council employees earn, on average, 37.9% more than those in the private sector.

More staff on the way…

Rather than looking at pruning the number of employees and capping salaries, the Kāpiti Council has just voted to have two full time staff added to the payroll to run the $4.6 million Gateway Centre.

This will be a transit lounge for boat passengers to Kapiti Island so the two staff will have little to do all day after visitors have set off, usually by 9.30 am. 

The Mayor is exceptionally keen to keep KCDC top of the wastage and rampant spending Table.

And Labour Councillor Rob McCann is hotly in favour of increasing our rates, wanting to set up a ratepayer-funded stall to sell the idea.

Cr rob McCann

He was upset that two surveys (totalling a 1350 sample) showed 72% opposed the Gateway.

Other spend – up Councillors include Holborow, Elliott, Pravnov and Handford.

Next years projected rate increases

The Council has set a 2.6% average rate increase this year. It has deferred some works.

But if they adhere to the 20-year-plan next year’s increase will be 8.4%, and that does not include funding of the Gateway.

KCDC is destined to keep its number one spot for local body spending.’

I hope the about to be released Review will be the catalyst for a major operational expenditure shake-up….let’s see…

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