KCDC SH1 Option

KCDC Says ‘BEO’ Road Better

than Govt’s Expressway

By Alan Tristram
23rd September 2009

Mayor & CEOMayor Jenny Rowan has just released details of a KCDC option for SH1 which she says is far better than the three options being publicised by the Government.

The Mayor and KCDC Chief Executive Pat Dougherty held a special media conference to outline plans for the new option.

Mr Dougherty says the plan could be called the ‘Improved Eastern Option” to prevent confusion.

(Kapiti Independent News thinks ‘Best Eastern Option’ or ‘BEO’ is probably a catchier title).

A key feature of the plan is the retention of the KCDC’s plan for a two-lane Western Link Road (WLR), with a ‘green’ design featuring cycleways, walkways and bridleways.

The Best Eastern Option would take SHI onto a bridge crossing the Railway line at about the Kapiti Lights.

SHI would then run along a line west of Hinemoa and Buckley streets — and then run straight north alongside the rail line to a point north of the Camelot subdivision, where it would cross over the rail line again.

The Mayor and Chief Executive say they oppose the three main options on the table at present because these options will produce what are in fact motorways, with almost no local connections.

They say the KCDC Best Eastern Option can be built with far fewer homes destroyed — 44 compared with up to 178 for the other Eastern Option.

They also say the KCDC Eastern Option will be much cheaper than the Government’s Eastern Option.

Mayor Rowan and the CEO also say they totally oppose the idea of changing the Western Link Road into an Expressway.

They say this would:

  • Create a Motorway rather than an Expressway

  • Put the WLR back by at least five years

  • Arouse huge opposition from Iwi worried about infringements on the wahi tapu and urupa areas near the Waikanae River

  • Throw out years of planning for an environmentally friendly ‘local’ road

  • Physically divide the community,with few easy links between the areas on either side

On the other hand, the Mayor and CEO say, if their SHI Eastern Option is chosen, the KCDC could start work on a new bridge over the Waikanae River next year — and also start calling tenders for the first stage of the WLR next year.