KCDC Recycle Claim

Council says it’s leading the way with Civic Building demolition


The Kāpiti Coast District Council (KCDC) claims it’s leading the way on recycling with demolition materials from its old civic building.

Its says: “When it comes to recycling the Council is a leader – so much so it’s even recycled its old building.

The KCDC says: “All the roofing material from the structure has been recycled, all the aluminium window frames 95% of the structural steel, 90% of the cabling and all the fire protection pipe has been reused or recycled- read here about it.  Around 10% of the window glass has also been re-cycled. One only need to hop over to these guys to find more details on how the recycling was done.”

“Money recouped from selling the recycled materials was factored into the contract pricing, reducing the overall cost of dismantling the building interior.”

Building upgrade on track’

Group Manager, Community Services, Tamsin Evans, says the Civic building upgrade is on track.

“The concrete is being poured for the foundations and the reinforcing steel, for the columns of the new extension, is in place. Very soon people will be able to easily see the footprint of the whole building,” she says.

“Over the next week or so two trees in front of the building will be removed.  The Italian Alders (Alnus Cordata) will eventually be replaced with native trees, as part of the landscaping programme.”

Meanwhile, Mayor Jenny Rowan has confirmed the new Civic building will proceed, regardless of the outcome of local government amalgamation proposals.

the Mayor states: “The old building didn’t meet earthquake standards; it had no lifts or disability access and sub-standard toilets.  It was crowded, of poor quality and no longer fit for purpose. Irrespective of any changes in regional governance, a safe, useable civic building that we can be proud of will still be needed.”

Ms Rowan says the new building will be the civic heart of Paraparaumu town centre and even if the Council is downsized, it will still accommodate staff running essential community services.



Whats wrong with the huge telstra empty building ?!
Where’s the recycled rail overbridge ?!

The BIG question is how much of that rubble is still being paid for from the last Council update?

Can anyone from Council please enlighten me and the Kapiti Community???????????