KCDC Answers Critic

kcdc civic buildingCouncil outlines Waitangi Day publicity

By Alan Tristram

The Kapiti Coast District Council (KCDC) has responded to criticism by the Very Revd. John  Murray about a lack of publicity for Waitangi Day activities.

It says: “Staff advise the following, some of which appears in this week’s Observer in the ‘Kapiti Update’ section:

“Advertising of the event has been organised including:

  • ·        Emailed invitations which includes programmes distributed through databases
  • ·        Editorials developed to run in papers leading up to the event on specific activity
  • ·        Full Council advertising in Ōtaki and Kāpiti Updates – this week and next week
  • ·        Radio advertising to commence
  • ·        Posters displayed in shop windows at main shopping centres (except Coastlands who have strict guidelines on what they will allow in their windows)



Where is all the Maori money. I know many Maori live in poverty (as do white people too) but I know Maori have vast wealth and own acres of land. Isn’t it time you Maori got your leaders to account for where the money is and what is being done for it. Don’t blame me Merky, blame your leaders, they are the same as white leaders. The top 85 wealthiest people in the world have as much money as the bottom 50 per cent, figures probably much the same as NZ.

I havnt received my email invite, who gets them ?

I Have yet to see an “editorial developed to run in papers leading up to the event on specific activity, whatever that means ?!

I have no idea what ” Full Council advertising in Ōtaki and Kāpiti Updates”
Kapiti updates are ? a publication ?

Have heard no radio advertising

Have seen no posters anywhere around town.

We have a pakeha council, with pakeha staff and a majority of the community are pakeha, why even have a Waitangi day event ? as far as many of us are concerned its fraud day.
Good job if the pakehas don’t get their token day to pretend to give a toss.
We Maori live with the results of colonization, EVERY DAY.
We once said yes, it would be nice if you came here and lit your fires. Now, we have to ask permission to light a fire, endure our dead being in the way of roads, living in poverty, renting off the white man, struggling to find jobs, struggling to afford health care and education and the list just goes on and on.

Waitangi day ? how many on the coast realize the treaty was signed at Kapiti and Mana Islands ?