KCDC ‘mum’ on front-page story

KCDC public relations goes quiet on Cr Scott story

KCDC clams up on case involving Cr David Scott

Susan Owens, the KCDC’s Principal Engagement and Communications Advisor (Te Kaitohutohu Whakawhitiwhitinga Whakānga Mātāpono), has answered KIN’s request for a comment on  the inquiry involving Cr David Scott and a woman employee (see story below).

This is her reply on behalf of Mayor K Gurunathan (a former journalist) and the CEO, Pat Dougherty:

“Thank you for your email to Mayor Gurunathan and Pat Dougherty.

“This is not a matter we are prepared to comment on.”




Dear Mr Bolton,
I will answer your questions in the interests of accurate information being freely available to the public as council and the police deal with this sad and sensitive issue.

K.C.D.C. management are not commenting on this complaint as it is a matter under active police investigation.

Fairfax media staff have not disclosed who leaked the details of this issue to them, however any individual is free to ask them under the provisions of the Official Information Act.

Kind Regards Cr Jackie Elliott

Thanks for the tip Jackie. So Joel Maxwell will provide his source if I file an inquiry under the OIA? Hmmm. I didn’t realise the news media was subject to the OIA.

My questions were related to why this matter was leaked considering it was supposedly ‘confidential’ and as you say sad and sensitive, and it is Cllr. Scott’s reputation that is being smeared; as mine was – as you will recall – because you were one of the few Councillors who had the integrity to assist me in 2015 and know from your own observations and experiences how there are those who so readily lie . You were instrumental in getting the bogus, self-named ‘white ribbon’ designation removed from KCDC in 2015 because of the way there were Councillors and staff who manipulated the issue. This seems like a replay in some respects.

Now the damage has been done KCDC becomes mute. No apology.
What inquiry will be taking place in regard to this matter having been leaked to the media to smear David Scott? What was the motive? Will the complainant be reprimanded for emailing details to an outside party?
I suggest these are the questions the media should be asking; not regurgitating outrageous bilge.