KCDC Gets Top Carbon Award

The Kāpiti Coast Council’s slashing of carbon emissions has earned it the top spot in a list of national environment awards.

KCDC Tops For Carbon Cutting

The list is organised by Toitū Envirocare which independently certifies organisations that reduce their carbon footprint.

80% carbon cuts target

The KCDC signed up to its Carbon Emissions Measurement and Reporting Scheme in 2011 after adopting a target of reducing emissions by 80% by 2021/22 compared to baseline levels in 2009/10.

Sean Mallon, Manager for Infrastructure sas: “Our latest verified results show we have avoided CO2 emissions of 9,598 tonnes over the year which represents a 77% reduction in emissions over the last decade.”

‘Tremendous achievement’

“This is a tremendous achievement which is linked to our commitment to reduce our emissions across all functions of Council – from how we manage water and waste, to street lighting, to our community and leisure facilities.

“Over the last decade, we have implemented changes that conserve energy, reduce fossil fuel use, increase use of renewable energy, and change how we dispose of waste.

Aquatic Centre example

“For example, we designed the Coastlands Aquatic Centre in Paraparaumu with sustainability principles in mind. The translucent roof now harvests solar energy which meets 12% of the facility’s annual heating demand and has reduced the energy required for lighting by 70%.

Mr Mallon says the Council also works with the district community through energy use and generation, sustainability and waste minimisation.

“We deliver a Zero Waste education programme and offer contestable funding to get sustainability focused community projects off the ground,” he says.

Even a community sewing clinic!

“Last year one of these projects included a community sewing clinic where people could learn to mend their clothing so that it doesn’t end up in landfill when things tear or buttons fall off,”

This isn’t the first time the Council has been recognised by Toitū for its active leadership in reducing emissions.

Council received the Overall Award for Outstanding Performance in Carbon Management in 2017, was confirmed as the leading certified CO2 equivalent emission reducer in the CEMARS programme in 2018, and was awarded an Excellence in Climate Action at the Enviro-Mark Solutions Awards in 2019. 

Learn more about Council’s work to reduce emissions here.

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