KCDC Councillor Says Waikanae Editor Must Apologise Or Leave Community Board

Kapiti Councillor Jocelyn Prvanov has moved to suspend the Waikanae Watch Editor from the Waikanae Community Board — unless he aplogises over a ‘sexually offensive’ article.

Cr Jocelyn Prvanov

Ms Prvanov, who is the Council member on the Board, also objects to other comments by Geoffrey Churchman, who is an elected member of the Board as well as editor of the Waikanae Watch.

Editor and Board member
Geoffrey churchman

She says: “In (an) article posted on 26 June 2020, myself and 4 other female councillors, and several other elected members were portrayed in a highly sexually offensive and demeaning manner with racial overtones.”

Cr Prvamov has moved a Notice of Motion, seconded by the Board deputy chair,J ill Griggs, for the board meeting on Tuesday, August 11.

The motion says: “…the Waikanae Community Board does not permit Mr Geoffrey Churchman to attend informal and formal meetings of the Waikanae Community Board until Mr Churchman satisfactorily apologises for his behaviour in relation to the blogs posts detailed below.

The Waikanae Community Board ( l to r) Margaret Stevenson-Wright, Jill Griggs, Geoffrey Churchman, Jocelyn Prvanov, James Westbury

Articles in local blog

The Notice of Motion refers to two articles posted on Waikanae Watch ( see masthead below).

Waikanae Watch

Masthead of Waikanae Watch — the peaceful scene hides political tensions

Councillor’s complaints

Cr Prvanov says: “The first was posted on 26 June 2020 and entitled ‘the Guru and the Kaj”.

In the article posted on 26 June 2020, myself and 4 other female councillors, and several other elected members were portrayed in a highly sexually offensive and demeaning manner with racial overtones.

The second article was posted on 1 August 2020 entitled “Ongoing Mayor bullying”.

Cr Prvanov says: “In the 1 August 2020 post which Mr Churchman clearly wrote, he made further accusations against a number of elected members.

KCDC standards

Kapit Coast District Council HQ —
with its own set of standards

“KCDC elected members have a set of standards that they are expected to adhere to, including avoiding conduct which is aggressive, offensive or abusive or which may constitute unlawful or inappropriate behaviour (including sexual harassment).

“Further to this, the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 states as one of its main purposes to protect workers (including elected members) and other persons against harm to their health, safety, and welfare by eliminating or minimising risks. “

These posts have caused a great deal of stress and anguish to myself and the other elected members.

Councillor feels ‘extremely vulnerable’

Ms Prvanov adds: “As the Waikanae Ward Councillor I have frequent interactions with Mr Churchman in formal and informal settings.

“There are also 2 (other) women on the Waikanae Community Board. I feel extremely vulnerable in his presence because of the views he holds.”

Note: A reader points out that the first article referred to in the story above was published on July 26, not June 26

I think Churchman should stay on the Community board. It would do some councillors good to listen to dissenting views. He’s a darn sight better than the one Waikanae voters got rid of at the last election.

Council staff control the two other local papers and pay for their manipulation of news and adverts using our rates.
Thank goodness we have some media freedom through the Waikanae Watch.
All dictators get their minions to control the news. KCDC does this all the time – putting spin on nicey nice concocted stories whilst ignoring the real degradation, indebtedness and decline of our community.


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