KCDC Chastised

David Scott 1 -

Cr Scott Biffs KCDC for wasting

$200,000 on road option

By Alan Tristram
26th September 2009

Councillor David Scott has chastised the KCDC for spending $200,000 of rates money on consultants for its Expressway Option — the Improved (or Better) Eastern Option.

He says the Council should not be in the business of deciding on an option.

And it is wrong,he says, to import Auckland consultants to do this work with money ‘we haven’t got.’

Cr Scott says: ” I do not believe it is Council’s job to decide on an option, as this takes the onus away
from the Government.”

He says a compromise is needed between the key agencies. Leadership is needed — and the Transport Minister (Stephen Joyce) should provide this.

“The Minister has the best advisers available and should be leading from the front, instructing other national bodies on the way to proceed,”he says.

KCDC’s role — connections and crossings

On the other,Cr Scott says, although the KCDC should not decide on an option, it should make submissions to lesson problems created by the new road.

“We have to ensure there are connections where locals can use it — and there are convenient places to cross,” he says.

But Cr Scott warned against opposing the Minister before a decision is made: “He has a mandate from the country to improve the road for commuters,tourists and freight.”