Kāpiti’s Ratepayers Face Big Rate Rises

Kapiti Coast — beautiful but expensive for ratepayers

Kāpiti’s ratepayers are facing average rates rises of nearly five per cent, reports Jeremy Smith.

The District Council’s annual plan for 2019-20,  adopted by Council, says average rates rises will be 4.8%.

Mayor K Gurunathan defends the rises, saying the public’s views have been taken kinto account.

Kapiti Mayor K Gurunathan with umbrella for a rainy day

The plan outlines what Council has budgeted to work on in the next financial year from 1 July.

This includes a range of projects such as water infrastructure upgrades, further flood risk management and improvements to local roads.

Council will also develop an open spaces strategy, work on renewals and refurbishments in its older persons housing, halls and aquatics facilities and review various bylaws.

The plan will see an average rates increase of 4.8% for Kāpiti ratepayers. The actual change will depend on each individual property, its value and the area it is in.

Mayor Guru says people’s views ‘taken into account’

Mayor K Gurunathan said community feedback on the draft plan gave Councillors other options and requests to consider.

“We took all the latest feedback into account before adopting this final plan,” Mayor Gurunathan said.

“It’s very much keeping us on the path we agreed to after working closely with the community to identify what was most important for us to focus on when we developed our Toitū Kāpiti long term plan 2018-38 last year.

“So we’re continuing to work on delivering those important things while still living within our means.”

There are a range of further feedback opportunities on Council’s work plans throughout the year, through consultation on strategies, upgrades and any bylaw changes, he says.

The final rates are scheduled to be struck at the Council meeting on 27 June.  Ratepayers can find out what their new rates are likely to be by checking the property search function on the Council’s website which includes a link to the next rating year 2019/20.

A summary of what’s in the plan is also available on the Council’s website. The detailed plan document will be available in print and online in mid-June.

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