Kāpiti’s Mayor Wants A Minister For Wellington

Kāpiti Coast Mayor K. Gurunathan says the Government should consider creating a Minister for Wellington City because of the problems faced by the City, and therefore the Region.

Mayor K Gurunathan

He says: “In the wake of the radical ‘Three Waters’ reform, Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta has repeatedly urged the local government to ‘re-imagine’ the future of local government.”

Local Govt Minister Nanaia Mahuta

Exceptional responsibility for Nanaia Mahuta and Govt

Mayor Gurunathan says Wellington City, as the home of Aotearoa New Zealand ‘s Government and the international face of the country, has an exceptional responsibility — and therefore a special relationship with the Government. 

As mayor of a district that has more than 4,000 residents commuting every weekday to work in Wellington City I believe in the oft-repeated mantra that what’s good for Wellington City is good for the region. Today, I’d like to extend that mantra to say that what’s good for Wellington City is good for the whole country,” he says.

Re-imagining local government

“There is no reason that the re-imagining of local government cannot look at a radical reset of the administrative and political relations between Wellington City and the Government when both live in the same tight geographical home.”

He adds that when the multi-billion dollar business of Central Government is conducted in the City, it has a responsibility to solve infrastructure problems and showcase the best of NZ to the rest of the world.

“In this symbiotic relationship the inefficiencies of the City become the inefficiencies of central Government administration,” says Mayor Gurunathan.

“From this perspective, one could argue that it is because consecutive central governments have failed to develop this ownership of a national responsibility, that we are now seeing the painful failings of the City’s fundamental infrastructure.”


Get your own house in order first. The escalating costs of local government should be curtailed. That doesn’t mean getting rid of the gardeners. It does mean reducing the bottom sitters and bottom feeders who pose as bureaucratic niceties on salaries more than the Prime Minister and infest the council buildings all over NZ.

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