Kāpiti’s Geoff Amos Wants To Play The Last Post For Dirty Canada Geese

Kāpiti Coast musician Geoff Amos has got the blues for Canada Geese who are fouling up the Awatea Lake in Paraparaumu. 

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Petition launched

He’s launched a petition asking the Disrict Council to manage the birds – by giving them pest status, and introducing culling. 

It’s not just the pollution and mess, he says, but the geese are also muscling out other species.

A RNZ report quotes Geoff as saying: “They are quite an invasive bird, they were introduced for hunting and shooting by our ancestors and they have frankly got out of control.”

The South Island removed the geese from protected status and they are routinely culled, he says, after their population exploded.

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