Kapiti Wins War Game

Local war gamers out-manoeuvre the Wellington warriors

By Peter Corlett

Kapiti and Wellington rivalries have come to the fore with teams of intricately-decorated troops and futuristic machines battling over rugged terrain.

They fought in derelict buildings, wastelands and industrial complexes in a ‘Warhammer’ challenge between the two districts. The battle took place in the Waikanae School hall.

Warhammer is a table top wargame set in a  science fiction universe using hand painted miniature figures that represent.soldiers, monsters and wrmoured fighting vehicles.

These figurines form squads in armies that can be pitted against those of other players on tabletop battlefield roughly the size of two trestle table, with team members playing three games of up to 2 ½ hours per game, against different opponents throughout the day.

Complex battles

The complex battles involved 20 competitors attacking and defending on detailed terrain with the models being moved around the table.

Individual moves and the outcome of the resulting combat is decided through dice rolls.

Battles may last anywhere from a half-hour to a whole weekend, and battles are sometimes strung together to form campaigns.

‘A growing hobby’

“This is a growing hobby in the region with several clubs, including one at Kapiti College,” says Aidan Corlett, a regular player. He says there are several reasons players enjoy the hobby. “For some it is building, creating and decorating the models, for others it is the competitive element of the board tournaments, while for others it is following the game plots, role play and fantasy stories in the role-play books.”

Several businesses sponsored the tournament:  “Great looking terrain”, said sponsor Scott Bowan from the Kapiti Hobby shop, “A very impressive looking event, much bigger than I had anticipated.”  

Co-sponsors Battle Kiwi, a company that produces laser-cut terrain and game accessories, also contributed to the event.

Robert Ainsley won the prize for Best Army while Dav Hodgetts won the prize for highest total points.

Adding interest to the event is a hostage situation.  At the beginning of the tournament, both teams put up a model as a hostage, and at the end the winning team retains their opponent’s model until the next tournament.  

The Kapiti team won the (May 13) tournament by a large margin.