Kāpiti Ratepayers Say Council Paid Engineering Firm With Links To Nuclear Arms Industry

Coastal Ratepayers United (CRU) in Kāpiti says the District Council has commissioned a report from an engineering firm with links to the nuclear arms industry.

Kapit Coast District Council HQ

CRU says: “KCDC has reports from Jacobs Engineering (an American Fortune 500  company with expertise in “defence”  work and nuclear weapons systems),  costing $245,000.

In a pamphlet being distributed to residents this week, CRU says:

‘Dear Resident

• Your property has been identified by  KCDC as being affected by Coastal  Hazards – this is now on your LIM.

• During 2022, hazard lines will appear  on your property map and your LIM  will say your property will be subject  to sea level rise.

• This means you will not be able to make  any alterations or additions to your  property – let alone build a new home.

• Council has hand-picked a group  (CAP) of 6 residents and 6 iwi 

members to advise it on your behalf.  This group headed by Jim Bolger, will  not be meeting in public or sharing  any information.

• KCDC management – CEO Wayne  Maxwell and Sean Mallon have 

continued to refuse to meet with CRU.

• The mayor has told councillors not  to speak with CRU as that would  interfere with the work of CAP.

• KCDC has reports from Jacobs  Engineering, their new preferred  consultants (an American Fortune 500  company with expertise in “defence”  work and nuclear weapons systems),  costing $245,000 – your money.

• The science in these reports is  discredited by local, qualified, experts.

• Information is already being put on  LIMs for properties several kilometres  from the coast, despite assurances  this would not happen until Jacob’s  advice is verified.

• Managed retreat is still favoured by  Council, with no scientific authority,  meaning ultimately enforced 

evacuation – without compensation.

• In the meantime, expect difficulties  with insurance and lending – these  institutions will, increasingly, be  looking at LIMs for risk assessment.

• What can you do? Talk to your local  councillor and make your views clear  (only Crs Halliday, Prvanov, Randall  and Compton) have been willing to  talk to CRU.

• Find information on how Council has  been ignoring your interests on CRU’s  website www.cru.org.nz

• Join CRU and give yourself a stronger  voice – we now have over 400 members.’

KIN’s research says Wikipedia has backed up CRU’s assertion about Jacob’s armaments links.

Wikipedia says: ‘JACOBS NEW ZEALAND LIMITED is a NZ Limited Company from Auckland in NEW ZEALAND. It was incorporated on 2 Mar 1998 and has the status: Registered.

There are 75512 shares in issue. The ultimate holding company is Jacobs Engineering Group Inc’

And in another report Wikipedia says:

On August 9, 2017, the Pentagon awarded a $4.6 billion Integrated Research & Development for Enterprise Solutions (IRES) follow-on contract to Jacobs Technology Inc, a unit of Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. to provide products and services for the Missile Defense Agency and its Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center.[19][20]

Thank you Quentin Poole for responding and confirming that I have indeed been willing to meet with CRU representatives to discuss their concerns. I hope every step will now be taken to correct the information in any future public statements or leaflets made by CRU. That would be much appreciated. Coffee anytime.

My name is Quentin Poole and I am the CRU spokesperson that Councillor Elliot is referring to in her comments on 8 January 2022 on the KIN website.
I acknowledge that I did have a conversation with Councillor Elliott – 11th October 2021 – to discuss CRU’s concerns regarding the documented technical flaws in the Jacobs Volume 1 report and the knock-on effect it would have regarding Land Information Memorandum (LIM) – in particular the real-life implications in respect to home insurance and mortgage renewals.
As a follow up to our discussion, I provided her with was a judicial report referring to LIMs as well as Guru’s articles – “Notes from a Corner Dairy” on the same matter. I also sent her the latest NIWA Sea Level Rise 1945 – 2017 which details actual sea level rise.
CRU is committed to good science, good planning and good law.

Thank you Alan, you are indeed a fair editor. It was important to meet and listen to the views of the CRU spokesperson and they do have their unique take on the coastal issue. I found it informative and at times challenging, especially when he made it clear they do not believe in coastal sea rise or the melting of the polar ice caps. I forgot to ask which research report presented to the recent United Nations climate change symposium he quoted, when he said the alarmist reports about the ice caps melting was a conspiracy theory contrived by a cabal of financial and oil industry heads all over the world, perhaps they could kindly provide a link to this research report. Happy New Year to both you and Helen from us.

Just a small matter to correct and clarify – I also met with a CRU representative when requested late last year and know of two other councillors who aren’t named above, who met the same representative in the same week. Accuracy is useful.

More than that, Jackie, accuracy is vital! We (at KIN) do all we can to be accurate, but cannot guarantee accuracy in statements from outside groups, or politicians. Regards, Alan Tristram, Editor


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