Kapiti Poetry and Literary Catch-up

Poetry is a response to the daily necessity of getting the world right. Wallace Stevens

Fascinating novel by Fiona Kidman

From Gill and Elizabeth

Fiona Kidman

We are fortunate to have so much going on in our area – plays, art, poetry, news, music, writing, speakers and all so easy to get to and easy to park when we get there.

Dame Fiona Kidman spoke this week about her new novel This Mortal Boy. There were over 60 people there on a freezing winter night.

Certainly a good indication of the literary interest in our town.

Friends of Kapiti Libraries hosted the evening. This book is based on the second to last person hanged in New Zealand; you can buy it at Paper Plus.

Johanna Aitchison at High Tide

Our next guest poet at High Tide Café is Johanna Aitchison. Before being a poet she was a lawyer in Dunedin and after completing a MA in creative writing, she now teaches creative writing at Massey University in Palmerston North where she is now working on her PhD.

Johanna Aitchison

Johanna has published and performed poetry widely and has three poetry books to her credit.

Added to all this she lived for 3 years in Japan so has a considerable background in varying and interesting life activities! In her own words this is what she suggested I say about her:

Jo Aitchison was born in the Bay of Islands and currently lives in Ashhurst, where she is a PhD candidate at Massey University, looking at alter egos in lyric poetry.

Her most recent collection, Miss Dust, was described by Sarah Quigley in a Listener review as ‘Emily Dickinson for the 21st century’.

Her second favourite description of her poetry is by her office mate, Karine, who said: ‘It’s like being punched in the face!’ Jo likes to participate in sports in her spare time, particularly running, but is currently out of action due to an accident involving a bouncy castle.”

Sounds like fun!

KIN poetry competition

A very strong and important reminder don’t forget the Kapiti Independent News, always a supporter of events, is now running a monthly poetry competition. Paper Plus, always hugely supportive too, is on board as well.

There will be a panel of 3 judges, and one prize a month. Gill is neither a judge, nor competitor but will be overseeing operations in a shadow role.

So – wait for it – the prize is very generous, $50 in Paper Plus vouchers from K.I.N., and Paper Plus will donate the current book of the month as part of the prize. Thank you Paper Plus. Get your poem in (20 lines max) by July 31st and read the terms and conditions which are important because if you don’t comply you will lose your chance. www.kapitiindependentnews,net.nz

Poets to the People

Richard Langston couldn’t make it to Poets to the People in June. He sent many apologies.(two emails and a poem). We’ll read you his poem at the July gathering and will get him back as soon as possible. Remember if you paid last time you are in credit so you don’t need to pay this month. But everyone enjoyed our double open mic.

We felt it was a great atmosphere. Here’s a suggestion for a poem if you have writer’s block. We thought we could run a theme of “remembering” – rather than forgetting… for the Open Mic session. No obligation though!

Something to remember Writers on Mondays at Te Papa. Excellent winter programme is promised check it online.


my fault about the link it had a comma instead of a period in my email and of course it comes up blue and underlined so I didn’t see that.


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