Kāpiti Locals Get Free ‘Antennos’ For Their Mobile Phones

The Kāpiti Coast Council says it can now provide a free Council app for locals mobile phones. It’s called Antenno.

The Council (KCDC) says Antenno sends Council-related notifications about the places locals care about — and other news like major water outages, roadworks, closures, and Council events.

Works in reverse

The KCDC says Antenno also works the other way too.

“It provides a fast, easy way to send us info about Council-related issues, like graffiti that needs to be removed from a public place, or a tree that’s fallen and is blocking a roadm,” says the Council.

Download Antenno

“Antenno is free for all customers – download it from the App Store or get it on Google Play now. It doesn’t ask for any personal information or login details, so it’s a nice easy way to stay informed.”

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