Libraries Arts and Heritage News

By Leeanne Morgan
April 2013

Part of a Community

Do you ever wonder why people come to the library?

There are the obvious reasons, like choosing a book to take home, find the answer to something that’s been bugging you for ages, read a newspaper or pick up a reserved book that you can’t wait to read

Then there are the not so obvious reasons – the times when you need a safe, warm and quiet space to take stock of your life and dream. The times when you need to use a computer to surf the internet, write an email or skype your friends and family.

It might be that you come to the library to say hello to familiar faces and share the joy of being part of a community that cares about you.

You don’t even need to travel to the library to enjoy our services and collections. You can go online and download eBooks and audiobooks. You can search our databases, reserve books from over 26 SMART libraries in the Greater Wellington Region, or renew the items that you’ve already checked out.Whether you choose to use our physical library spaces or navigate through our online world, there’s one important common factor; people.We care about each person that walks through our virtual and physical doors. We want to do our best to make sure you are happy and looked after. We want to provide services and resources that knock your socks off; that make you want to come back to the library just because you can. And you want to come back because we care.The librarians at Kapiti Coast District Libraries have been planning ways that we can show you how much we care. We are buying fantastic books that will transport you to another place or time, challenge you to think beyond what you knew yesterday. We are planning events and activities that will make you happy, teach you different skills and enable you to meet new friends.We have made a promise to you, and this promise will shape the decision making for everything we do today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

Our promise to you…

We will provide services and activities that excite, surprise and inspire the human spirit.

 We will provide opportunities for creativity, learning and connectivity.

I look forward to seeing you in our libraries because I care.

Leeann Morgan

Libraries and Arts Manager

Kapiti Coast District Council