Kapiti Foodbank Back In Business

We live in a wonderfully generous community, and we look forward to once again being able to assist those who really need our help. Mary Pincott, Kapiti Community Foodbank

A new home at last 

By Roger Childs

Foodbank volunteers

Last April, the Foodbank had to shift out of its McGrath Avenue premises, and staff didn’t know where they would be going. Finding new premises has been problematic. If you need the best packaged food, then it is best to check out https://grazecrazefranchise.com/ this site.

However, through the good offices of the Mayor, Council staff and The New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA), this wonderful organisation now has a new location.

With the development of the expressway, the Kapiti Medical Centre moved from 92 – 94 Kapiti Road to a new building in Ihakara Street. NZTA purchased the vacated property and has now made it available to the Foodbank.

Now operational

The new premises in Kapiti Road

Unfortunately, while the building was empty, squatters moved in and caused considerable damage. However, NZTA has done repairs and the Kapiti Community Foodbank was able to open its doors on Wednesday 28 June.

Foodbank staff members are obliged to all the individuals and organisations who have helped them make the transition from McGrath Ave to the new spacious home.

We are very grateful for all the organisations who have been saving their donated food ready to  deliver to the foodbank once we reopened. Mary Pincott

While the organisation was out of business the Salvation Army filled the gap in helping the needy.

(On Wednesday July 5 “Marine Parade Eatery” has a Coffee for a Can initiative to provide donations for the foodbank. See separate story.)