Kāpiti Features In Launch Of Dyslexia Quality Mark

Kāpiti Youth Support and local dyslexia expert Mike Styles feature in the launch of the Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark in Aotearoa.  

Kapiti Youth Support was chosen as a trial organisation to pilot the system.  

Mike Styles, CEO of Hidden Talents, a local dyslexia consultancy, says the quality mark is a major initiative to help the 10% of the population who have dyslexia.

Leading the way

Mike led the way to set up the Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark (DFQM). 

The DFQM was funded by the Tertiary Education Commission – a NZ government agency. 

The target audience is tertiary education providers — and other groups like health and well-being organisations, and Kāpiti Youth Support.

In time, it’s hoped the initiative will spread to other private sector and government agencies.

If organisations meet the standards, they will be awarded the Quality Mark for three years.

All aspects of an organisation’s operations are covered, from board and senior management to front line practitioners.

The Value Proposition

There has to be something in it for the organisation getting the DFQM.  And feedback from organisations who have signed up so far see three main benefits: –

  • Learners or clients with dyslexia will feel safe to attend the institution
  • Having the DFQM will be a point of difference and a focus of PR and marketing
  • The DFQM standards will provide a focus for quality professional development for staff in tertiary education institutions.  What is good practice for learners and others with dyslexia is good practice overall

“The most exciting thing about the DFQM standards,” says Styles, “is that they make dyslexia more visible.  This will enable the skills and talents of people with dyslexia to be fully explored”.

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